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DIAMOND DBC-25X Portable Combination Rebar Cutter / Bender

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Safety Netting / Barrier Netting
Try our scaffolding accessories!
Orange safety netting, yellow and orange barrier netting Base jacks, formwork, scaffolding accessories Combi nuts, Tie nut, formwork, scaffolding accessories Swivel Couplers, Fixed Couplers, formwork, scaffolding accessories DBC-25X Rebar Cutter Bender, vergalhões bender, cortador de vergalhão DBC-25X Rebar Cutter Bender, vergalhões bender, cortador de vergalhão DBC-25X Rebar Cutter Bender, vergalhões bender, cortador de vergalhão DBC-25X Rebar Cutter Bender, vergalhões bender, cortador de vergalhão
 129 kilograms
 Minimum rebar diameter
 8mm rebar
 Maximum rebar diameter
 25mm rebar
 Bending speed
 6 seconds
 Maximum bending angle
 180 degrees
 Cutting speed
 5 seconds
 Max. tensile strength
 560 N/mm2
 Power supply
 Single phase main / generator
 230 Volts
 Power input
 Bending 1050W / Cutting 1330W.
 Dimensions mm
 700 (L) x 680 (W) x 440 (H)
 * Suiteable for on site work,
   fabrication shops or precast yards.
 * Heavy duty, strong electrical
   -mechanical combination cutter &
 * Two preset angle locks for
   repeating the same angle bend.
 * Can be set to accurately bend any
   angle from 0-180 degrees.
 * Bends (4) each 10mm rebar,
   (3) each 12mm rebar,
   (2) each 16mm rebar,
   (1) each of 20mm rebar, or
   (1) each of 25mm rebar at one time.
 * Emergency stop button.
 * Two side handles makes it easy
   to carry around.
 Comes with set of nine bending
 rollers in two steel cases.
 Foot switch.
Rebar Processing Equipment and Rebar Accessories
We supply a wide range of rebar processing equipment and accessories, to the rebar processing and rebar placement industries, such as these Rebar Cutters:
1.   DC-16LZ Rebar Cutter - 220V
2.   DC-16W Rebar Cutter - 220V
3.   DC-20HL Rebar Cutter - 220V
4.   DC-20W Rebar Cutter - 220V
5.   DC-20WH Rebar Cutter - 220V
6.   DC-25X Rebar Cutter - 220V
7.   DC-25W Rebar Cutter - 220V
8.   DC-32WH Rebar Cutter - 220V
9.   M26 Rebar Cutter - 380V
10. M36 Rebar Cutter - 380V
11. M45 Rebar Cutter - 380V
12. MG20H Rebar Cutter - 220V

and these Rebar Benders:
1.   DBD-16L Rebar Bender - 220V
2.   DBD-25H Rebar Bender - 220V
3.   DBD-32X Rebar Bender - 220V
4.   B26 Rebar Bender - 380V
5.   B36 Rebar Bender - 380V
6.   B45 Rebar Bender - 380V
7.   MG20B Rebar Bender - 220V

Formwork and Scaffolding Accessories
We also supply formwork and scaffolding accessories, to the Formwork and scaffolding industries, such as:
1.   Base Jack Nuts for Scaffolding
2.   Base Jacks for Scaffolding
3.   Ferrule dollies for light Formwork
4.   Ferrule Jacks for Light Formwork
5.   Swivel Couplers for Scaffolding
6.   Fixed Couplers for Scaffolding
7.   Tie Rods for Formwork
8.   Corner Fillets with lip for Formwork economy panels
9.   Chamfer with lip for Formwork economy panels
10. Plain Chamfer for Formwork economy panels
11. Water Stoppers for Formwork
Veja a vasta gama de acessórios para o vergalhão, cofragem e andaimes que fornecemos para as indústrias de construção, vergalhões, cofragem e andaimes.virola Nós estamos fornecendo acessórios para andaimes como ponteira, nozes jack, gota forjada acopladores, braçadeiras, rod, nozes, etc. Bem-vindo a contactar-nos para cotação, obrigado.